Why Buy From Us


We sell seats manufactured by Seat King, LLC. an OEM provider of lawn mower seats. Each seat is made with high-grade materials built to commercial lawn mower specifications and every seat is hand constructed by a highly skilled workforce right here in the U.S.A. Every seat comes with a full 1-year factory warranty on craftsmanship.


Every seat on LAWNMOWERSEATS.COM is a "Cut and Sew" constructed seat. The majority of Lawn mowers on the market today include a molded seat that mates the interior foam and external shell into a one-piece seat. Owners of these type seats complain about the seat's hardness, the cracks from UV rays, water soaked foam and the slickness of the seat over time as well as having no back support.
In comparison, Seat King's "Cut and Sew" seats have a sewn vinyl outer shell that flexes independently of the underlying foam and they are treated to resist the elements, including harmful UV rays. The foam base is specifically designed for comfort and longevity, not just looks. The lasting comfort of a seat is based on the density and quality of the foam.  Seat King seats are made with high quality foam packages designed for hundreds of hours of operator comfort.​


When you combine the quality, comfort and competitive pricing found in every seat from LAWNMOWERSEATS.COM, you'll find value that is unbeatable.  Or, call your manufacturer and price a replacement seat.  You'll be right back to order a seat from LAWNMOWERSEATS.COM.


When you purchase a seat from LAWNMOWERSEATS.COM, the shipping is on us! With in-stock items, your seat will ship within 1-2 business days. Every seat comes with a tracking number so you will know exactly when to expect your new lawn mower seat.​


If your seat from LAWNMOWERSEATS.COM doesn't meet your expectations, send it back for a full refund.